Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Change Your Rhythms, Nourish Your Life

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is a modified yoga program developed by the Trauma-Center in Brookline, MA, to serve the needs of their clients with PTSD. It allows trauma survivors to safely create a more positive relationship with their body through mindfulness, breathing and gentle yoga. Befriending the body promotes deep healing.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga helps participants relax, concentrate, feel safer and more comfortable in their body, be more present, regulate their emotions, and reduce ruminative thoughts. It is a healing practice of self-inquiry and self-care.

What can you expect in a trauma-sensitive yoga class?

*The classes are gentle

*No experience necessary

*Practices are appropriate for everyone, regardless of physical ability

*You will not be expected to talk to others in the class

*Separate group for men and women

*Students are in control of their bodies at all times

*Participants should be in individual therapy but exceptions will be made


Link to article: Yoga and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
~An Interview with Bessel van der Kolk, MD

The goal of treatment of PTSD is to help people live in the present, and not feel and behave as though they are in the past.


“The sessions increased my body awareness and allowed me to bring my breath to areas of tension and to release them. I feel safe and more confident. ~ L.B.