Stress and painful emotions are often held in the body and even cause us to have constrictions in the way we breathe. Using body-based healing practices helps create a new relationship with yourself and your body as well as new ways of perceiving reality. Because how we breathe is a metaphor for how we live, breathwork (yogic, therapeutic, as well as the essential conscious breath) is one of the most essential healing practices we can do to improve our physical health, our emotional well-being, and spiritual awareness.

By opening up the breathing spaces in the body, we release the holding patterns, emotional wounds, and self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from living more fully and joyfully. Through yoga and breath-work you can recover a full, flowing breath that promotes a calm body, calm mind, and improved health. When breathing freely becomes second nature to you, it gives your body the sign that it’s time to relax and heal. As you come home to your body and deeper self, you will experience more confidence, well-being, and joy.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.